UNC Lacrosse Project: Film and Practice

The team began practice with a film session before heading out to the field. Assistant coach Paradine manned a Mac Book Pro (Mac snob alert! — I was happy to see a Windows computer was eschewed in lieu of the better computer. Alert over) and showed some clips of UVA to the team while coaches Haus and Lattimore made commentary as necessary. Afterwards, we headed out to practice on what was a beautiful North Carolina day. There is not much that I can say about practice, but I did learn some new things about the nuances of lacrosse:

  • Chris Cortina taught me how extra-man offense, and man-down defense team members are picked. It was something I’ve always wondered.
  • I learned from Jamie Locke and Andrew Moss that goal keepers are susceptible to getting their thumbs jammed, and it is common for goal keepers to have messed-up thumbs.
  • I learned that Nina Walker reads my blogs! Huzzah!

Jamie Locke's thumb is tended to.