UNC Lacrosse Project: Rainy Practice

When UVA is on the docket, neither wind, sleet or snow will stop the Heels from preparation. OK, so I’m being a little over dramatic as I write this before I go to bed. But, after a sunny practice yesterday, today was a cold rainy mess.

For the first time this semester, I went back in the weight room with the team. They have typically been lifting in the morning, so I’ve been missing their lift sessions. I have to say, after being sick of them last semester, I was happy to be in there for something a little different.

When the team came back to the locker room from the weight room, they found new sticks waiting for them. The sticks are Carolina Blue and I think that they are from the Mikey Powell line (Grant Zimmerman thought so too – they only had a logo and no writing to confirm this). The sticks will be welcome when the team takes the field to take on UVA Saturday on a nationally televised game.

What I learned today:

  • I learned from Michael B. Burns more about the reasoning of putting long poles with shorts on the wings before faceoff, or vice versa, or having the same size sticks match-up.
  • I learned from team manager Yu Katoku that in Japan, ties are settled by playing rock, paper, scissors, instead of overtime due to the lack of fields and playing time. (those crazy kids)
  • I learned that Kevin Piegare seems to think he can keep the duplex clean when he moves in there as a sophomore. Time will tell.
  • I learned from Matthias McCall that the grass that collects around the spikes of your cleats when the ground is wet is called “scrom dog”.
  • I learned that Sean Jackson doesn’t always get his appetizer.
  • I learned that Cryder DiPietro and Michael Jarvis couldn’t touch their toes when stretching if their life depended on it. The downside of being tall I guess.
  • I learned that even when talking about lacrosse sticks, if Bobby McAuley asks if you want his shaft, say ‘no’.