UNC Lacrosse v. Ohio State Photos

Shane Walterhoefer was masterful at faceoff.

Photos are now posted from when UNC played Ohio State at Boy’s Latin in Baltimore. Note that I only put around 15 photos in the gallery, but there are actually hunderd’s from the game. If you want to see everything, I put up a link that will probably expire in a month where you can view all the photos.

BTW, you are probably wondering why the heck make a gallery with only 15 photos when I have almost 300 to show? Well, it is standard industry practice. Making a gallery of every single photo is overkill. If you want to find a photo of a certain athlete, the best way is to go to the search page of my site, and search for the athletes last name. Or to see everything of UNC lacrosse you can search for “UNC Lacrosse” or “Duke Lacrosse” for the boys in Durham. (note, don’t use quotes.)