UNC Lacrosse Project in the Media

Hey strangers.  I had the misfortune of having to take a long and relaxing cruise to Alaska, thus the radio silence.  (but don’t worry, a 5 hr slide show is on the way.)

I wanted to draw your attention to the latest issue of Inside Lacrosse (August 2008).  As you know, last year, I did a year-long photo essay of the varsity men’s lacrosse team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  It was a ton of work, but very gratifying to do.  One of the most gratifying results is a 9 page spread that Inside Lacrosse magazine, where I am a frequent photo contributor, published in this latest issue.  I had been in talks with Inside Lacrosse’s art director James Schaffer since as early as September or October about the possibility of doing a spread in IL.  At the time, I didn’t know if the project would even be successful or would reach fruition. Also, the story could always be displaced by other stories if a major event broke in lacrosse.

So other than my discussions with Inside Lacrosse and UNC sports information director Dave Lohse, I told not a soul that the photos could eventually find their way into the printed version of IL.  I told not even the coaches or players.  I only told them about 2 weeks ago when I knew the magazine had literally gone to the printing presses with the article included.

I’m really excited about the end result.  The editors decided to publish 9 pages for the story, a good 2 to 3 more photos that I ever expected.  Also used was a photo on the table of contents page.

If you are a UNC Lacrosse fan and want to order a back copy, you can do so on this order form.

Of course, you are a subscriber anyway, right?

A public thanks to James Schaffer, Keely Knop, John Jiloty, Jon Brand and Matt Can at Inside Lacrosse for their help.

UNC Lacrosse Project: Where it stands

Pointing out the elephant in the roomSo… there is an elephant in the room that I have not pointed out yet, so let me get the hardest part and say that UNC did lose in the first round of the NCAA tournament, upset by Navy at Fetzer Field. Given that it was my alma mater, it was obviously hard to take.  That said, the NCAA tournament is a cruel mistress. Only one of the sixteen teams that enter exit happily. An exit in the first round isn’t much easier than an exit in the last game. Given that a loss means an end of the season, losing in the tournament in an abrupt way to end your season. 

Even though the season is over, I’m going to still be working on the project. No, not in the Hillary Clinton never-say-never sense, but because, hey, I have a lot more time on my hands after the loss. So I’ll be doing some minor stuff with the guys who are around for the summer. But I’ll also sifting through literally thousands of photos that I took over this last year to pull out the cream of the crop. It’s going to be a huge labor of love. Too bad I can’t train that elephant in the room to edit and caption all the photos I have. 

Saturday I’ll be flying to Ithaca with the Duke team for their game against Ohio State hosted by Cornell University in the NCAA quarterfinals. I went with them last year and had a great time, so I’m looking forward to this experience. I was worried if I would be the persona non grata as the UNC guy, but instead I had a very welcoming and pleasant experience with them last year. 

But stay tuned; more is to come out on the UNC project. I’ve been working on some photos to highlight stick stringing as well as the canines in some of the players lives. Those two posts, among others I hope, I will be on Inside Lacrosse. 

(updated 5/20/08 to fix some spelling errors)

Some Updates

Wow, things have been busy.  I’ve been taking more photos than I’ve had time to post them.  There are a lot of things that I still need to post.   Stay tuned for the following to eventually be posted:

  • UNC Lax vs. Hoftstra
  • UNC Lax vs. Duke @ ACCs
  • Duke Lax vs. St. Johns
But in the meantime, I do have a couple posts up on the Inside Lacrosse blog.  One for the UNC fans and one for the Duke fans. 

Men’s Lacrosse v. Hofstra – Post on Inside Lacrosse

Here is a link to my latest post on the Inside Lacrosse blogs.  It covers all of last week: From practice to game day against Hofstra.  I omitted things that I learned, because all of these are pretty much inside jokes that only the guys will get.  That, and I only learned two things.  So here goes, drum roll please:

Things I learned:

  • Milton Lyles needs to use two hands.
  • Shane Walterhoefer and Sean Burke are messing up my creativity and photography.

UNC Lacrosse v. Ohio State Photos

Shane Walterhoefer was masterful at faceoff.

Photos are now posted from when UNC played Ohio State at Boy’s Latin in Baltimore. Note that I only put around 15 photos in the gallery, but there are actually hunderd’s from the game. If you want to see everything, I put up a link that will probably expire in a month where you can view all the photos.

BTW, you are probably wondering why the heck make a gallery with only 15 photos when I have almost 300 to show? Well, it is standard industry practice. Making a gallery of every single photo is overkill. If you want to find a photo of a certain athlete, the best way is to go to the search page of my site, and search for the athletes last name. Or to see everything of UNC lacrosse you can search for “UNC Lacrosse” or “Duke Lacrosse” for the boys in Durham. (note, don’t use quotes.)

UNC Lacrosse: Road trip #2 to Baltimore

Coach Olmert gives Mike B. Burns a pep talk before heading out to the field.

Like cheetahs, they sat waiting, drooling.  The hunger gnawed at their senses, making them only more acutely aware of the next potential meal that could come their way. Then, finally, in the distance, they spot their prey.   They stare it down with a icy gaze, ready to pounce, looking away only to see if the others spot the same prey.  This is survival of the fittest.  Actually, its the support staff waiting for chicken to come out of the kitchen after the first batch was devoured by the players.

Coach Haus treated the players and staff to a great meal at a restaurant.  The food was great, but by the time the support staff (that includes me) got up to get our food, the chicken had been picked clean.  So we sat staring at the kitchen waiting for the waiter to bring out the latest batch of chicken.  When we saw him come out finally with the chicken, we pounced on him like cheetahs in the Sahara.

To serious matters, we lost a tough game to Ohio State 11-14 that was played at Boys Latin High School in Baltimore, Maryland, and which incidentally is the alma mater of faceoff man Shane Walterhoefer.  The Heels were up by one at halftime, but a strong 3rd quarter helped seal the win for the Buckeyes. Walterhoefer was able to conjure up good spirits from his old home field, winning 23 of 26 faceoffs.

Things I learned this weekend:

  • The freshmen have bad tastes in movies (“Goonies” seriously?).  Chun-Man Fong (aka “C”) saved the day on the bus with “Transformers”.
  • Mike Chires has “thunder thighs” (his words).
  • Coach Lattimore has amazing balance and can make his way down the bus without touching the floor.
  • The bathrooms is some buses are better ventilated in some than others.
  • Milton needs an alarm clock.
  • Sean Burke will walk half an hour for Chili’s.
  • C is a tape-tearing master.
  • Sean Delaney values his bubble baths.
  • Kevin Piegare can’t match shoes.
  • Coach Olmert shouldn’t be trusted with lemonade around electronics.  People with mustard shouldn’t be trusted around Coach Olmert
  • Some security guards at apartment building in Maryland can be um, unfriendly (I can think of an anatomical term to describe them, but I’m trying to censor myself).
  • I am the master at finding the light switches on our charter buses.  Like Emmit Kellar said, a career in bus driving may be in my future.
  • Most importantly, I learned to NOT TOUCH THE GATORADE’S that are under the bus.

UNC Lacrosse Project: Practice before UVA

Matt Davie watches Matthias McCall try on his new elbow pads. Wow, three days in a row I’ve been to practice. Much of this is because my basketball duties are effectively over which leaves me with much more time (Sadly, I don’t have enough seniority to go to San Antonio with the men’s basketball team.) Don’t get me wrong, I love photographing basketball, but it keeps you busy when its going on.

The team takes on UVA tomorrow, and typically before a game, the practices are a little lighter. However, before heading out for practice, “Santa Haus” payed a visit to the team in the form of new elbow pads for the short sticks.

I didn’t learn a whole lot today, except that the freshmen like to talk about their hair. Ha, only they will get that one. Speaking of the freshmen, I went to Franklin Street Pizza and Pasta with them after practice. Had a great time with them and I finally got some pics of them away from the field.

UNC Lacrosse vs. Johns Hopkins Photos

Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala upset for an offsides not being called. The North Carolina Tar Heels beat Johns Hopkins on Hops’ home field, only after generations of Tar Heel teams have been dispatched by the Blue Jays with an “L” since 1994. The win was an important one to help the team build some confidence, and to break the Homewood hex that has vexed the Heels for so long.

Homewood Field is turf, and I have to say that for photography, it stinks. The field emits radiant heat, even when ambient temperature is relatively cool. These heat waves made so many of my photos look soft. I had to delete countless photos that were afflicted with this softness. I feel bad for my photography brethren who constantly work at that field. That said, being a lacrosse fan, I have always wanted to go to Johns Hopkins for a lacrosse game, so this was a great treat. I also wanted to get some photos of the man, the legend Paul Rabil before he graduates.

I guess you came here to see the photos right? Well, here they are: Johns Hopkins Lacrosse v. North Carolina photos.