Duke lacrosse behind the scenes

Some on- and off-the-field photos of the Duke Blue Devils lacrosse team during action against High Point University on February 12, 2016.

Myles Jones

I could not be happier for Myles Jones (@mylesjones15) for his #1 pick in the MLL draft. I’m sad this is my last season photographing him at Duke, but what a wonderful three years I’ve had photographing this amazing person. This photo from at Lacrosse Magazine shoot I did with him last year.

2016 Duke lacrosse seniors

The 2016 Duke Lacrosse senior class when I took their team photo as a sophomore. This is probably my favorite class in a long time. So many people in this class that I’ve become friends with and will miss.

2015 October 13: Macario Hing-Glover #27 of the Duke Blue Devils during a game against the Holy Cross Crusaders in Durham, NC. Holy Cross won 1-0.

[Photo gallery]

Photo gallery of the Duke Blue Devils vs. Buffalo Bulls basketball on December 05, 2015 at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham, North Carolina. Duke won 59-82. (Photos by Peyton Williams/Getty Images)

Myles Jones of Duke Blue Devils lacrosse on March 29, 2015 during a game against the North Carolina Tar Heels.

CJ Costabile of Duke lacrosse on January 28, 2011. From a photoshoot for US Lacrosse.

Jake Tripucka #7 of the Duke Blue Devils before playing the Cornell Big Red 16-14 in the NCAA semifinals at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. 

Jake was traded to the NY Lizards which is bad for me because it means I can’t take a quick trip down to Charlotte anymore to photograph him. 

Photos from Duke lacrosse practice on October 15, 2015.

Some of my favorites from the 2015 Duke lacrosse season. You can also view more of my favorites or all the photos from the 2015 season

Congrats to Myles Jones for being selected as national midfielder of the year. Great guy that I wish you all could get get to know off the field.  

Duke lacrosse celebrates the 2010 NCAA Championship. 

Reid Maxmin of Duke Lacrosse

Some more photos of my photoshoot with Myles Jones of Duke lacrosse.

Some behind-the-scenes photos of my shoot with Myles Jones for US Lacrosse/Lacrosse Magazine. Photos by Rob Bradley.