Last week of classes

This week was the last week of classes for the Duke wrestler. I was able to come out to a couple practices and a weight session as they wind down.

Looking back at my archives, so far I have taken and kept 1,750 photos over the season. That is what I have kept. Generally I delete over two-thirds of the photos I ┬átake, which means I’ve likely taken over 5,000 photos.Continue reading

Pass the turkey, hold the gravy

This was the first week since the team returned back to campus after their Thanksgiving break. For wrestlers, the joy of indulging in the festivities of food gorging can vary by weight class. For those not worried about making weight, it was turkey and gravy with all the fixings. For those trying to make weight, it was a “pass the turkey, hold the gravy” kind of holiday.

Below are some pics from practice this week.

Duke wrestling week 2

I am entering my second week covering the Duke wrestling team. This particular week I came to practices and workouts with a bit more frequency than normal, knowing that work travel will interfere with me coming out the next two weeks. This week I a mix of practices, weightlifting sessions, …

NC Central homecoming

I took some photojournalism students to the NC Central homecoming game Saturday. The atmosphere at NCCU was amazing and the crowds friendly. The alumni offered their tailgate food to my students and some of the student athletes struck up conversations with them.

I was mostly busy with my students but did take some time to take some photos on my own.

Duke lacrosse alumni game

One of my favorite events of the year is the Duke men’s lacrosse alumni event. It is wonderful to see some old friends and catch up where they are in life. [More photos]